*Cancelled* Great-full, a lecture by Edoardo Mungiello

This lecture has been cancelled & will be rescheduled at a later date to be announced.

“Great-Full: Giving Thanks for the Masterworks and little known Gems that make us happy to be alive.”

Have you ever seen a work that made you stop and think, “How did I live my life without feeling what I’m feeling right now?” Did you ever have the experience of being struck and levitating at the same time by a poem, a piece of music, a painting, a building, a film…even a meal? During this tumultuous year and in these uncertain times, we need to reconnect with the things that make us particularly human…and the best version of ourselves. Join Dr. Edoardo Mungiello as he gives us his personal list of the works that have inspired this talk. But be prepared to BYOB: Bring your own beauty, to share with all of us. For a feast for the mind and the heart before the feast at the table at Thanksgiving, join us for Great-Full.

Limited Seating, 908-614-6195 for reservations, $10 per person.

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