Fall Show!

This 7 week show will be up through the fall and the Halloween season.  The work of lifetime New Jersey resident Frank J. Stiftner, Jr. (1916-2001), will be featured in the Lounge Gallery, courtesy of his daughter Diane Fitch.  Frank Stiftner was a career Display Artist specializing in equine art.   The latest work of artist Michael Petrizzo will also be featured. The show closes Nov 7, 2021.

Art Lecture, Sunday August 8: “A TOWN THAT HAS SURVIVED ITSELF”: FLORENCE IN THE AGE OF BRUNELLESCHI, lecture by Professor Eduardo Mungiello

Professor Eduardo Mungiello, Freehold fine artist, author, and Art History professor will continue his lecture series Artists and Their Cities at the gallery on Sunday August 8, 2021 from 4-6 pm with “A Town That Has Survived Itself,” Florence in the Age of Brunelleschi 1410-1450.

Admission is $10 per person which includes the lecture and refreshments (BYOB). Dr. Mungiello is an engaging, informative speaker who brings clarity of vision to every lecture. Seating is limited. Reservations are recommended but not required. You may reserve your place by emailing FreeholdArtGallery@gmail.com or call 908-614-6195. Doors open at 3:30.

Artist Profile: Joseph Reilly

The Road Trip Murals

This series of paintings was designed for the Basie Gala, which is a yearly fund raiser for the Education Fund for the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank.

The theme for the Gala was the First Fifty Years of the Basie, beginning with the 60’s with pop art and op art and the beatnik movement, and going on to the 70’s hippie movement in music, art, and cinema.

The idea was a road trip beginning with a luxury limo in the entrance, leading into the small theatre which had 50’s music, drinks, and décor.

This road trip ended in the main theatre, which was transformed into a restaurant where guests were presented with a music and dance show while dining.

These murals were installed in a 40 foot long hallway leading to the main theatre.  The hallway was lit with black light and psychedelic effects. The murals represent the various periods and movements that were relevant in the late 60’s and 70’s.

Artist Profile: Laura Angress

Laura Angress is a featured artist in our spring ’21 show, Its All About Color, opening April 17, through May 30.

Laura Angress, born and raised in Monmouth County and owner of Murals by Laura, has been a full time artist since 2006.  After graduating with a Fine Arts degree, with honors, from Rowan University in 1996 she continued her education at the Illustration Academy in Kansas City, MO.   She then went on to work for Nordstrom as stylist, regional interior specialist and manager in Visual Merchandising for more than a decade.  Inspired by seeing the Sistine Chapel in Rome in person in 2006, Laura decided to start her leave of the corporate world and become an artist full time.  Laura’s commissioned works include murals, fine art canvases and decorative wall finishes in businesses and homes.  She has created many commissioned canvases for Karen Lozner, Fashion Designer and owner of Karen’s School of Fashion (KSOF).  Laura’s first beach series paintings were purchased by Dr. Jennifer Morrison and adorn the walls of Morrison Orthodontics.  Her themes vary from beach, lakes, fashion, dog portraits, sports, animals, cityscapes  and underwater seascapes.  Laura also worked as an Art Instructor at Pinot’s Palette, Manalapan from 2017 – 2020.  She has won various awards for her work including the Nordstrom Corporate Visual Award, and various awards from the Freehold Art Society with her lake paintings.  Laura has been commissioned to paint over 90 murals and canvases for various businesses and residences all over New Jersey.  Laura is a member of the Freehold Art Society and an Exhibiting Artist at the Guild Of Creative Art in Shrewsbury, NJ. She prefers to paint large canvases with acrylic as her medium.  She currently resides in Freehold, NJ with her husband, two children and dog.