Artist Spotlight: Andre Russell

Local artist Andre Russell’s work in fashion design, fine art, and graphic design is well known and featured now at The Freehold Art Gallery.  His “Jersey” T-shirts and hats make great gifts! 


Stone Man and Golden Man, Diamond Dust, 36″ x 72″

Coming in Februaray for Black History Month

“May our good be better and our better best.” – Andre Russell

A Fresh Start to the New Year

Join us for our latest art exhibit, Fresh Start, running from 1/9 – 2/21. Opening reception 4-6 pm Saturday 1/9. Open select hours weekdays and weekends. Private tours available. Windows open. Face coverings required. Come enjoy our latest collection in person. Children welcome.

*Cancelled* Great-full, a lecture by Edoardo Mungiello

This lecture has been cancelled & will be rescheduled at a later date to be announced.

“Great-Full: Giving Thanks for the Masterworks and little known Gems that make us happy to be alive.”

Have you ever seen a work that made you stop and think, “How did I live my life without feeling what I’m feeling right now?” Did you ever have the experience of being struck and levitating at the same time by a poem, a piece of music, a painting, a building, a film…even a meal? During this tumultuous year and in these uncertain times, we need to reconnect with the things that make us particularly human…and the best version of ourselves. Join Dr. Edoardo Mungiello as he gives us his personal list of the works that have inspired this talk. But be prepared to BYOB: Bring your own beauty, to share with all of us. For a feast for the mind and the heart before the feast at the table at Thanksgiving, join us for Great-Full.

Limited Seating, 908-614-6195 for reservations, $10 per person.

Freehold Art Gallery Presents

In the Lounge Gallery “The Works of Chris Pero”

In the Main Gallery Our Holiday $200.00 & Under Show
Featuring the works of  Joe Reilly, Pete Talbot, Val Dyshlov,  Ed Daley, Michael Menendez, Richard Smith, Pat Eisemann, Robert Henne, Tony Hicks, Leslie Daley, Andrea Brooke, Hema Gupta, Jane Gavaghen, Debby Szersin, & others.

In the Central Gallery The Works of Karen Sroka


A Lecture Presented by Dr. Edoardo Mungiello
“Great-Full: Giving Thanks for the
Masterworks and Little-Known Gems That Make us Happy.
11/21/2020; 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.; $10.00 per person

For Lecture Tickets or Reservations  By E-Mail:  By Phone: 908-614-6195 Or At the Gallery 


Fall/Winter Hours: Thursday & Friday: 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. Sunday 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Also by Appointment Free & Open to the Public* * excludes Special Events. Show Runs until 1/1/21.

 Browsers welcome! Face coverings required. Appointments available for small groups.

Holiday Bargins, something for everyone!

Do your holiday shopping at Freehold Art Gallery where our artists have put together a specially priced exhibit of exquisite art for under $200. Desk art, table art, wall art, photograohs, prints, ceramics and jewelry make unique gifts for teachers, friends and family. Our holiday show runs through the Holiday Season! Show closes January 3, 2021.

Art by Jane Gavaghen , OIl Painting 14×18

Opening Reception featuring the works of Chris Pero Sept 12, 2020

The Opening Reception for our new show, show featuring the Works of Chris Pero, will be held on Spetember 12 from 4-6 pm.

Christopher Pero was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1967. His mother was a commercial artist who influenced his art along with artists such as Paul Klee, Gustav Klimpt and master surrealist H.R. Geiger.

Pero paints in Vibrant oil colors in the abstract expressionist form. He fuses nature with the human form and derives most of his images from deep within his Psyche.

Christopher Pero has been painting since 1994 and has no formal art training. He resides with his wife and daughter in Freehold Borough where he maintains his private studio.